Adout company

         Joint-stock company" Yaroslavna " is the company with rich history and the unique technological experience saved up by decades. The enterprise has been based in 1948. Manufacture of textile-art products has been located in five points of city. Manual skills were used basically

Per 1999 the enterprise has been transformed to joint-stock company of the closed type "Yaroslavna".

In conditions of  fast change  in textile manufacture, Joint-Stock Company " Yaroslavna " has expanded the specialization in a new perspective direction – sanitaryhygiene.

Within the limits of realization of the program " Children of Ukraine " have been developed and approved the project on manufacture of children's diapers. It also was significant and for national interests of the country as demand was satisfied exclusively due to import production.

          Speaking about unique technics of  manual painting of natural fabrics "batic" enterprise " Yaroslavna", since 1964 carefully stores the most ancient traditional values of technics "batic" in Kharkov.

 Novadays art of "batic"  technics are rare . Only the real experts are capable to create a masterpiece. Tenderness of natural fabrics and paints create unique transitions of shades, tones. Any prolongation in shading leads to another and  rough relults. 

In fact once put a paint  you will erase nothing after, you will not paint over. The pattern is born not necessarily, but on inspiration. Each product is unique, original, keep warmth and expressiveness of hands of the master-artist.

Batic art delicate, whimsical, capricious. Use of "batic" technics takes  from several days to several weeks.

The qualified factory experts  will quickly and skealfully execute any individual order.